Traditional Preparations for a Modern World

We offer soaps, salves, soaks & more - each crafted in small batches by hand with essential oils, extracts, and botanicals.

Handmade Soap

Our skin-loving formula uses shea butter, castor oil, & tussah silk for a gentle cleanse without unnecessary chemical additives.

Bath Bombs

Our bath bombs are a fizzy explosion of skin soothing salts, soft shea butter, and delightful aromas to elevate your bathing experience.

Balms & Salves

Our beneficial balms and salves deliver the power of all-natural plant essences & essential oils in convenient moisture-rich formulations.

Bath Teas

Amplify your average soak with our unique bath teas. Each blend infuses your bath with a potent blend of herbs to benefit your body naturally!

Plant-Powered & Thoughtfully Formulated.

Delight your skin and your senses with our handmade soaps. Transform the common soak into a ritual moment with our bath teas, salts, & scrubs. Harness the power of natural plant essences with our herbal balms & salves.